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How to Start Animating Your Characters : 4 Principles

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at Character Animation? Today we want to show you 4 Animation principles and how you can use them to get started animating, in this video BAM Animation wants to show you Eases, Overshooting, Squash and Stretch and Anticipation, Plus a bunch of tips for traditional animation! We used Adobe Animate and ToonBoom Harmony to animate this Dancing cat!

Character Animation News

What’s new in Adobe Character Animator

Adobe Character Animator has two modes. Starter mode is one them. Anyone can use Starter mode who have no prior rigging experience and want to create an animated character quickly and easily. Starter mode in Character Animator is a free simplified option that allows anyone to create short animated movies. Record your face and voice performance, then use a simple drag-and-drop interface to add numerous expressions and activities. The other one is Pro mode, a full-featured app with a professional, in-depth interface...

New CG ‘Miffy’ Series Ready to Play with StudioCanal, Mercis & Superprod

StudioCanal, in partnership with Mercis Media and Superprod Animation (Anna & Friends, Pat the Dog, Song of the Sea), announced plans to develop and produce a new CGI-animated series of the worldwide renowned children’s classic Miffy. The series is in development with Canal+ and will launch on the channel in 2025.

Shinkai sticking to what he knows best: Japan, youth, anime

Makoto Shinkai doesn't yet know the story he will tell in his next film, only that it will be about what he knows best. For one, it will be set in Japan, filled with those breathtakingly gorgeous landscapes he draws on his animation storyboards. If he were to set his film outside Japan, he would have to live in that city for at least several months.